Arab alliance after targeting airports Abha and Jazan: We have the legitimate right to take appropriate deterrence measures

The Saudi-led Arab alliance, after the Houthis announced their targeting of the Abha and Jazan airports in southern Saudi Arabia, vowed to take appropriate deterrent measures to deal with such hostilities.

The spokesman for the coalition, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, in a statement issued on Sunday night, that "Saudi Royal Air Defense forces managed … tonight evening intercept and drop a drone launched by the Houthi-backed terrorist organizations backed by Iran towards Abha," while not mentioning To any attack on Jazan airport.

Al-Maliki said that "the Houthi terrorist criminal tool is trying to target civilian facilities and civilian objects in desperate and repeated attempts, without achieving any of their irresponsible and irresponsible hostilities.

"We affirm our legitimate right to adopt and implement appropriate deterrent measures to deal with such hostilities and in conformity with international humanitarian law and its customary rules."

The Huthi forces announced on Saturday evening that they had been targeted in a qualitative operation by the "K2" aircraft, the airports of Abha and Jazan, claiming that the attack resulted in their departure from work.

Source: SPA + Agencies

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