Aqaba is an important port and attracts tourists from all over the world

Arabs Today - Aqaba is an important port and attracts tourists from all over the world

Jordan has been a popular cultural destination for years, but like other Middle Eastern destinations, there has been a shortage of visitors during the Arab Spring, terrorist movements and the Syrian war. But now, with the first direct flight from Britain to Aqaba, The Red Sea, The country can restore tourism and attract the British as a new destination to enjoy the golden sun and cultural excursions.
Aqaba is an important port and attracts tourists from all over the world

Aqaba, located to the far south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an important commercial port and stops for cruise ships, with the Sunny Stadium, which began construction about 10 years ago, possibly a small part of the construction site, but very exciting.

The development of the unusual oasis of Ayla (, located only 200 meters from the border with Israel, overlooks Eilat and occupies one-third of the city of Aqaba itself, with man-made lakes and beaches. The first phase includes a golf course designed by Before the golf player, Greg Norman – to set up his first tournament in Jordan – which is already open. There is also a wonderful beach club and a water skiing promenade as well. Hyatt Regency, the 286-room hotel, is scheduled to open next month. Plans also include a marina and 87 shops.

Ela is not the only new place to be developed. Saraya and Tala Bay resorts are being fully implemented. In the old city, existing hotels are preparing for the anticipated influx of visitors. The new weekly flights start from Gatwick Airport on 10 November and continue until 23 March. Previously, to get to Aqaba you had to travel to Amman, the Jordanian capital, and it took four hours or another trip. Passengers are expected to take on new flights starting at £ 99.78.

It is worth mentioning that King Hussein International Airport is a small obstacle, so do not travel with many luggage, and the airport is a 20-minute drive from the city center. It is also easy to reach two of the country's main landmarks – the ancient city of Petra carved from rock, and the exceptional mountain desert called Wadi Rum – from Aqaba instead of Amman. It is also sunny in the winter, with temperatures from 21 ° C to 28 ° C and a few rains.
Aqaba is an important port and attracts tourists from all over the world

There is, of course, a constant threat of terrorism in the Middle East these days, but good hotels are in Jordan All of them have strict security. The Foreign Office says about 70,000 Britons visited last year, and most of the flights are trouble-free.

Where can you stay?

The three main tourist areas of Aqaba are the Old City, the North Beach, and the South Beach / Tala Bay. You will pay around £ 150 to £ 220 per room per night for a 5-star hotel, $ 100 for a four-star hotel and £ 80 to £ 90 for a three-star hotel.

Kempinski Hotel

It is a stylish five-star hotel, near the worst old town, with a children's club and a sandy beach.

Mövenpick Tala Bay Hotel

It is a five-star hotel with a wide range of swimming pools and facilities, however, as with a view of the Sea of ​​Aqaba.


Is a five-star luxury hotel that opened in June in Saraya.

The 3-star Captain's Hotel is located between the shops and souks, with a swimming pool, and there is also a brother camp in Wadi Rum. My Hotel is a 3-star hotel with a rooftop pool and access to the hotel's nearby beach for a fee.

Where to eat?

The old town houses the usual Kentucky restaurant, Burger King, Pizza Hat and McDonald's, and there are a number of liquor stores. Also in the old city there.

Restaurant Fish Inn at the Kempinski

You can enjoy a lobster dinner of £ 65 and associate it with Jordanian wine, which is good.

Captain's Restaurant

Chicken or fish, as well as appetizers and drinks, cost £ 15pp.

Happiness street

The street is home to inexpensive restaurants including: falafel sandwiches. Pour the shawarma (doner kebab eskoy) and sandwiches. Big Dash for Ice Cream with Arabic Vanilla with nuts.

Tourist places


The spectacular pink rock town of Petra is about two hours by car. Book a special excursion for three people. It will cost £ 55 to enter the city, the daily directory cost is £ 110 and the car and driver are £ 100 for a total of around £ 120. Or make friends with some other easyJetters and plan for a mass day trip in a shared minibus, which runs at about £ 95 each. Karma House Travel & Tourism can organize these and other Aqaba activities.

Wadi Rum

An hour's drive from Aqaba, through the colorful and stunning mountain desert that was used as the location of the film "The Martian" starring Matt Damon, which was held in Kempinski, Aqaba. Go for a hot air balloon ride at sunrise (£ 142pp for one hour); or take a Bedouin tour of a jeep (£ 38) For two hours, and you can stay in a camp to see the amazing stars, where dinner and breakfast are served.

The Aqaba has many free public beaches and all 5-star hotels have a private beach and water sports. Alternatively, you can pay for a private beach club. The Berenice Beach Club at Aqaba Marine Park has a range of stunning pools and restaurants and the Sinbad Diving Club , Lessons and trips.

The Red Sea offers coral reefs full of marine life, including sea turtles. The Aqaba also features a sunken Hercules, which can be explored. You can also book diving, yachting, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing and glass-bottomed boat trips.

You can buy spices and incense from Al Baba, next to the fruit and vegetable market on Zahran Street in the Old City, as well as Dead Sea products from Mena Bazaar, Al Nahda Street or Abu Khalil perfume near the Sharif bin Hussein Mosque. You can drive in Jordan using an international driver's license. Make sure you have insurance for a third party. The driver in Jordan is always guilty of hitting a pedestrian.

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