Apple pulls out some MacBooks from the market

Apple pulls out some MacBooks from the market

Apple announced its intention to withdraw some MacBook computers from the global markets, to detect a serious technical flaw in those devices.

The company explained that the draw will include the number of MacBook Pro computers with 15-inch screens, which were introduced in the markets between September 2015 and February 2017, after it has been proven that these devices suffer from a technical failure lead to high temperatures of batteries while working and use the Internet, Which may ignite those batteries.

The company pointed out that these problems exist in the devices referred to only, and does not affect the rest of other MacBook computers, and if users want to check their computers for free or contain this type of faults they can access the official website of the company, and will find a special field on the site and write In which the serial number of their device to show them the results.

If they find that their device is suffering from this holiday, they can go to the official maintenance centers of "Apple" in the city where they live to repair their computer for free.

The problem is not the only one discovered on MacBook computers. Apple has long recognized that some of the computers produced in 2016 have keyboard problems, and some of the products produced in 2015 and 2017 have problems receiving signals WI-FI networks, and wireless network signals.

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