An American rover finds clues to the existence of organisms in the Martian atmosphere

an american rover finds clues to the existence of organisms in the martian atmosphere

In the Martian atmosphere, Rover discovered a high percentage of methane, which could indicate organisms such as bacteria and bacteria.

According to the New York Times, samples of the atmosphere were taken from Mars on Wednesday [June 19th]. Scientists at NASA on Friday, after experiments, showed a high proportion of methane in the atmosphere, which could act as a biomarker for the presence of living organisms in the gas atmosphere.

The media reported earlier that Rover's "Kyorocyte" proved in Mars's atmosphere seasonal variations of methane. For example, in his study of the Hail crater in June 2013, Koryosity proved a change in the methane ratio in the atmosphere. The European Mars Express station confirmed in the same period the presence of large quantities of methane in the atmosphere of Mars.

The bulk of methane is usually produced in the Earth's atmosphere as a result of the activity of microbes and other microorganisms, although some are created by volcanic activity and other geological processes.

Source: TASS

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