An accident of an American teenager drove her car blindfolded in the "Birdbox"

Al-Arab Al-Youm - An incident of an American teenager who drove her car blindfolded in "Birdbox"

A teenage girl drove her blindfolded in an attempt to take part in the Birdbox challenge, hitting another car, US police said in Utah.

The Leighton City Police Department said on Friday in its Twitter account that the incident did not result in injuries, but warned drivers not to take part in the challenge.

In order to carry out the challenge, the participants must have their eyes closed and move normally, like the Birdbox or the Bird Box presented by Netflix.

"The Birdbox challenge during driving, its outcome is predictable," the police department said, releasing the image of the two damaged cars.

The 17-year-old driver reportedly pulled a cloud over her eyes as she drove a small car 35 miles an hour.

"It did not take long to lose control of the car, and it's hard for someone to think about doing it," said Travis Lehman of Leighton police. "The risk is too great to do something like that while driving."

Lehman explained that the driver strayed and swerved toward moving cars, and shocked the teenager with a column and a barrier.

"We can not believe we should say that, but please do not hurt yourself with this challenge," she said.

The popular "Birdbox" hit the crowd in December, sparking a debate among millions of viewers during the first week of its release.

The film has been a great success in recent weeks, whose heroes are wearing a blind eye for the length of the film, to avoid a danger to anyone who raises the cloud to see what is going on.

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