America launches new technologies and a cosmic clock into space

america launches new technologies and a cosmic clock into space

NASA has announced that it will cooperate with SpaceX to launch new technologies into space.

Spacex announced that the Falcon Heavy rocket, to be launched on June 24, will carry 24 small satellites of the US Department of Defense. The Space Test Program-2 mission will also include the launch of sophisticated scientific equipment into space .

Among the equipment the rocket will also carry, there will be a clean-energy space probe, which will test its technology as the basis for future space technologies based on sunlight.

The rocket will carry the first atomic space clock Deep Space Atomic Clock, which is supposed to become a credit hour for spacecraft that will travel on distant cosmic flights.

If the missile succeeds in these missions, NASA is expected to rely on it to send its giant James Webb telescope to space, which will replace the famous Hubble telescope.

Source: Vesti


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