Amazing therapeutic benefits for glowing sponges!

amazing therapeutic benefits for glowing sponges!

US scientists have discovered unexpected positive properties of materials, which are contained in glacial sponges used in kitchens, may become a substitute for an important drug.

Science Daily reported that Molecular Science researchers at the New York Institute of Technology had examined samples of kitchen sponges under the microscope and refuted earlier beliefs about containing kitchen sponges only on pathogenic microbes.

Kitchen sponges are an important source of the spread of harmful bacteriostatic viruses, in other words useful living microorganisms.

Scientists have also discovered that kitchen sponges contain quality strains capable of destroying microbes, which have been developed as antibiotic resistance.

"Kitchen" viruses killed salmonella, pneumococcal agents and even serious plague bites.

So, after studying the sponges of the kitchens, the scientists found that the viruses found in the sponge used to wash kitchen utensils could replace antibiotics to prove their effectiveness in combating the most dangerous bacteria.

Source: Science Daily

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