Allegri hails Mois Kane and Bernardiski and confirms Ben Attia's absence from Milan


Juventus coach Massimiliano Alegre has confirmed the absence of defender Mehdi Ben Attia from the Bianconeri in the face of AC Milan.

Juventus beat Bologna in the 16th round of the Italian Cup, as is the case for Milan, who won a double over Sampdoria.

Ben Attia was one of Juventus's main players in the match against Bologna, but was injured before the match, replacing Giorgio Cielini.

"I am satisfied with the performance of the players. It was not easy to beat Bologna in our first game of the New Year," said Max.

"The game next Wednesday is one game, we lost before in the penalty shootout against Milan and Napoli, so we hope at least not to reach the extra time and then the penalty shootout, we hope to resolve early."

Moise Kane, the young Italian striker, scored a goal in Juventus and Bologna, and replaced Croatia's Mario Manzukic.

"Moyes is a young player who needs to grow, but he was fine, as is the case with Leonardo Spinazola," said Allegri.

"Moyes Kein and Bernardiski are a very important duo for us, especially with Manzukic out of our account in Milan," he said.

"Ben Attia suffered a right thigh infection during the warm-up, so he will not play in Jeddah," said Max. "We hope Joao Cancello will return to us."

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