Ali Akbar Rafsanjani's daughter confirms that her father's death was not normal

The Arabs today - the daughter of Ali Akbar Rafsanjani asserts that the death of her father was not normal

Fatima Rafsanjani, the eldest daughter of the late Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, said she never believed her father died naturally, confirming that the results confirmed her suspicions. In an interview with the Anatolia news agency published Friday, Fatima confirmed that she had called three or three Four times with her father on 8 January 2017, the day of his death was in very good health.

The daughter of the late president said that because of her doubts about the nature of her father's death, she followed up with the Supreme National Security Council. Contrary to the initial announcement of the death of the former president following a severe heart attack, the woman pointed out that the final result issued last summer Which it published) showed that the cause of death was "radioactive poisoning", and confirmed by the samples found in its plant and urine.

"After that, we asked about the area from which the radiation had leaked to his body, we did not get answers, and they told us they did not know exactly what happened," she said. "No one with a sound mind, when he hears such answers and does not see Death report, increasing doubts. "

Fatima said that the absence of her father formed a large vacuum in the country, and it became clear during the recent developments in the Islamic Republic, explaining that the late president was a "balance element" in Iran.
She described the daughter of the late president that the economic situation and internal and external policies and living conditions in Iran "is not good," and continued: "It can be said that Washington's withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and the return of sanctions is behind the deterioration of economic conditions, but the main question: Why did we get to this point? Are measures taken to prevent this from happening? ".

She said that her father had wanted to establish and improve relations with all the countries of the world, with the exception of Israel and some towns that were "red lines for Tehran." Rafsanjani said that relations with Saudi Arabia should be improved first.

Rafsanjani expressed her regret over the tension between Tehran and many countries of the world, especially neighboring countries, considering it an obstacle to improving the living conditions of the people. She pointed out that the Iranian Constitution provides for free education, health and freedom of expression for all. We have not reached the targets that were the slogans of the pre-revolutionary period, Iranian officials are aware of this, while the people are demanding that these goals be achieved, and this is a legitimate demand. "

The daughter of the late president believed that failure to achieve these goals depended on several reasons, including the war with Iraq, sanctions, external pressures and the activities of armed groups, but the most important reason was the practices of Iranian officials at home.

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