Al-Massmari: The General Command of the Libyan Forces has not issued any statement regarding the Turkish threats

Al-Massmari: The General Command of the Libyan Forces has not issued any statement regarding the Turkish threats

Ahmed al-Massmari, a spokesman for the Libyan Army, said that the General Command did not issue any statement regarding Turkish threats, adding that if any statement is issued in particular, it will be published immediately.

The "Division of Military Information of the General Command of the Libyan Forces" under the guidance of Khalifa Khalifa, has published a post on the social networking site "Facebook" suspended the threat of Turkey to intervene militarily in Libya.

The "Division of Military Information", on Sunday, "The Turkish Foreign Ministry threatens direct Turkish military intervention in Libya against the Libyan army." In her comment, she welcomed the Turkish intervention, saying: "Hello, the Committee is going down."

Earlier in the day, the Turkish Foreign Ministry threatened the forces of Marshal Khalifa Hafter to intervene militarily in Libya, in the event of the release of its citizens, who said that the "Libyan army" has detained them.


The security department of Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, on Sunday, arrested two people of Turkish nationality.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Ajdabiya security directorate called on citizens to report any person of Turkish nationality or a Turkish company operating in the city of Ajdabiya.

The director of the security of Ajdabia Brigadier General, Sadiq al-Luwati, instructed all the security services of the Directorate to close the shops run by the Turks, and to control them and refer them to the competent authorities, as published by the website "Gateway to the center" Libyan news.

"This came in response to the orders issued by the General Command in response to the Turkish government's support of extremist terrorist organizations in Libya," the media unit of the Ajdabiya security department said.

Source: RT + Agencies


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