Al-Khal: I like to cook easy dishes, especially Western ones

Al-Khal: I like to cook easy dishes, especially Western ones

Sunday, 7 Jumada Al-Awal 1440 AH – 13 January 2019 AD Issue Number [

Lebanese actress Ward Khal

Beirut: Viviane Haddad

Lebanese actress Ward Al Khal is enjoying her sense of humor when she embodies any role she plays. Perhaps her role in the series "peasant revolution" was the best proof of that. Her role as a "six house" in her doubles house is no less important than her passion for acting. She described her relationship with the kitchen as good and that she had a "good soul" with the testimony of her husband and those close to her.
– All the pastries and pastas that belong to Italian cuisine are my favorites. So I'm always looking for new restaurants that offer this kind of food to discover how to prepare or make new ingredients.
– Beirut is famous for its many restaurants, which offer a variety of dishes and a remarkable quality. So I can not shorten it in my favorite restaurant. There are those that offer Lebanese mezze as well as grilled meats such as Halabi, Muhanna, and others specializing in Mexican or Japanese cuisine. But I have a weakness for the restaurant «Om Sharif», which I love his desires and intentions permanently with my husband. I can not forget the restaurant «Pacifico», which I find from the restaurants that are to visit in Beirut for the variety of dishes provided by the level of quality.
– When I'm traveling on a journey I intend to discover the peculiarities of the kitchen of the country I visit. I ask about the most famous dishes to taste and know the ingredients. In general, I do not mind eating Italian and Japanese food in a new country. I watch the way it is presented and any update it touches. I am a child who discovers the details of a scene with his eyes and hands to taste it.
– The most recent restaurant I visited recently was "Six Emerald" with our friend Ziad Choueiri in the Dabia area. His dishes are very tasty and have special flavors for the chef who manages the dishes in the kitchen.
– If you think about the name of a particular restaurant I invite my friends, I will have my choice on the restaurant «Halabi». It is one of the most famous and well known restaurants in Lebanon with its delicious quality. It has maintained the level of flavor and quality in its food since its foundation until today. I can say that I can take my food and I close my eyes to my great faith in his professional team.
– I prepare myself from people who like to eat meat dishes in general and then immediately comes the role of fish. There are many recipes I like on the menu of hot dishes of grilled or fried meat, and I like salmon and fillet of all kinds.
– My relationship with the kitchen is good, when I enter it drowned in the preparation of Western dishes, as I find it does not require a long time to accomplish. People close to me, especially my husband Rizk and my friends, say I enjoy a "good soul" in cooking. I usually look for new recipes from salads, pasta and light dishes to bring to friends if we decide to have dinner or lunch at home. Now, with the Google search service, I can get recipes from different countries and I like to have my table from time to time. I have to love inviting people to my house and meeting them about a trip prepared with my own hands.
– If you choose between salty and sweet dishes, I would certainly choose the first one because I rarely drink sweets or open my appetite to eat them. But this does not prevent me from eating new flavors in the world of cakes, Tartas and other dishes of authentic Lebanese house sweets.
– There is no dish or component that does not tolerate the smell or taste of prepared from the people who have never eaten the chance to eat in any form. I am somewhat away from the meat broth and I do not like to eat milk and I do not like it at all.


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