Al Jouf Tourism invites craftsmen to participate in Sultan Bin Salman Craft Award

Al Jouf Tourism invites craftsmen to participate in Sultan Bin Salman Craft Award

Face a branch QTA And the national heritage in Al-Jawf area invited craftsmen and craftsmen to participate in the Sultan Bin Salman Award for Entrepreneurship Craftwork, Inviting those wishing to participate to contact the Program Officer for Handicrafts and Crafts in the region by telephone (0146268282) or by e-mail [email protected]
The value of the prize for the first place is 50 thousand riyals and the second place 40 thousand riyals while the third place gets 30 thousand riyals
The areas of the award include (the manufacture of siddo or weaving, hand-made carpets, the manufacture, carving and carpentry of wood products, the manufacture of hand-made palm products, painting, sculpture, engraving or hand embossing on any natural material and other craft products of an innovative nature).
The Authority shall specify the conditions of the artisanal product to take into consideration the aspects of development, innovation and the employment of local environment raw materials in production, and that it is not permissible to run in any branch for more than one product or to nominate in more than one branch. Candidates must not have already won The award during the previous courses, and the artisanal product has a cultural heritage value and can be marketed, and a description of the product and its current and expected uses, explaining the reasons.
And approved the conditions for craftsmen to be a Saudi of the two sexes, and be registered with the artisans of the national programs of handicrafts for handicrafts, and has a valid craft card, and the participant to work artisanal product of his hand, and participate in only one product in the competition, In the product is appropriate to the spirit of the times while maintaining the local identity, and the product should not include what was trained in the training workshops, in addition to the participant to document the stages of the work of the product, the winning work will be the property of a master program.
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