Ahmed Shaaban confirms that negative words of the biggest causes of the disease

Ahmed Shaaban confirms that negative words of the biggest causes of the disease

Ahmed Shaaban, a consultant for bioenergy and reiki treatment and the sixth sense, "grand master", that the pronunciation of negative words, such as swearing and curse, a large reason to enter the negative energies and energies of the disease.

He said in a statement to the "Arabs today," that negative thoughts and negative feelings in some cases, lead to the pronunciation of negative words such as swearing and curse, which is the biggest reasons for the entry of negative energies and energies of the disease and attracted by the universe.

"As a result of this, enlargement, enlargement and activation of Shakra third eye, negative cards and negative thoughts, and thanking the heart shows the negative energies scattered and the sense of pride and lana."

"If these words are accompanied by a card of anger or disgust or contempt, with the words of these words, a negative third link occurs Shakra solar plexus, and be distorted and dispersed and inflated and activated negative emotions cards, which have been mentioned, leading to constant tension, weakness and lack of activity, Headaches, headaches, eye diseases, poor eyesight, chest tightness, heart palpitations, stomach ache, colon, and weight gain due to the weakness of burning in the body, all of this occurs in varying proportions from one person to another. "

Shaaban is advised to avoid pronouncing these bad words, which will return to the body in the end disease and negative energies, while patience and patience while dealing with others.

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