Ahmed Assem Explains How to Recognize Success Rates of "Microscopy"

Ahmed Assem Explains How to Recognize Success Rates of "Microscopy"

Ahmed Assem Explains How to Determine the Success Rates of Microscopy Ahmed Assem Explains How to Recognize Success Rates of "Microscopy"

Pregnant women suffer from problems and worry and fear of not having children, but with the technique of injecting microscopy, which is one of the important techniques at this time to treat infertility in couples and access to the result of safe pregnancy without any problems, despite the many rumors associated with this important technology.

Dr. Ahmed Assem Al Mulla, MD, said: "This needs to know the factors affecting the success of microscopy, the most important of which is age. This is one of the indicators of success in the pre-treatment period. The first cycle of syphilis is 66 percent higher for women at the age of 37, for example.

Dr. Asim Al-Mulla explained that once the start of the injection, several factors affect the success of the process, such as the age of the woman and the number of eggs covered by the session and whether the eggs frozen and the development of the fetus before being transferred from the laboratory to the uterus, also increase the number of eggs produced in any cycle increases the chances Success.

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