Adjustment of a woman and her son running a network for those who want pleasure

Arabs today - control of a woman and her son running a network for those who want pleasure

The Directorate of the Arts of the Suez Security Directorate, led by Maj. Ahmed Mamdouh, managed to arrest a woman and her son running their house in the city of hope in the province to practice prostitution in return for money they receive from those who want to enjoy nothing.

Major General Mohamed Gad, director of Suez security, received a notification from Major General Khalid Ibrahim, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that Major Ahmed Mamdouh, Head of Police Investigation Bureau in Suez, was able to arrest a woman and her son Jadran in the city of hope for prostitution. Where the lady and her son were caught along with two pimps, two ladies and two wishing to have fun inside the apartment.

After obtaining permission from the Public Prosecutor's Office in Suez, 42-year-old N, 42, owner of the house and her son, MS, and MGA, 34, were arrested. "44-year-old Ragheb Mata, 22-year-old Lady, 22-year-old H, 24-year-old VA, 28, wanted to practice vice in the apartment. The minutes of 2019 for the year 2019 were released at the Faisal Police Department. The accused were referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

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