Adjust the handkerchief in the left and right hand with his hands

Arabs today - control of the handkerchief in the right hand and left with his hands

Many girls like the colors of many mnakirs and after they buy them and go home they discover that they can not put the handkerchief in the right hand professionally, which makes them disappointed. Certainly repetition and practice will help you adjust your hand and you will be able to put the nail polish in your right hand like the left in a few minutes, but is it possible to leave so without any tips to help you put the handkerchief in both hands easily and like professionals? Read the following lines:

– Choose bright or light mnecker degrees, and avoid the dark or red colors because the mistakes are quite obvious.

– Make a nail polish layer to protect your nails from the harmful effects of manicure on your nails.

– Wipe your hands with a nail polish remover or face toner because it will be light on your nails, so you can get rid of any oils on your nails, making it easier for you to paint smoothly.

– Hold the manicure brush in your hands the way you feel comfortable, and hold the other hand on the table so that it is easier to put the handkerchief without vibration.

– Put the manicure first to the left hand, and then start in the right hand position.

– Try to hold the brush with thumb, forefinger and middle fingers for further support, so that you can ease yourself to put the manicure on your right hand.

– Do not brush too much so as not to exceed the skin surrounding your nails.

– When putting the manicure on the nails draw a line brushing in the middle of the nail and see the coloring of the sides one after the other, in this way you will get a nail polish attractive and free from tarnishing.

– Do you know that cleaning the nail polish is eliminated by dipping the cotton sticks in the nail polish remover? Rub on the edges of your nails to get rid of any swelling or staining.

With these simple tips, you can put the handkerchief on both hands like a professional.

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