Accessories for developing the experience of using laptops

Although mobile computers are very useful for mobility, you can take advantage of them even more when you go home or even work, where multiple accessories evolve from the functionality and capabilities of your mobile PC. A number of them are mentioned in this topic.

– Computer peripherals

> Annex I is a unit of mobility between the desktop and laptop in terms of the use of the mouse and keyboard. This unit can connect one mouse and one keyboard to connect to the computer and laptop through the USB port to be able to use one mouse and one keyboard to work on the two devices, with the option of navigation between them by a click of a button on the same unit .

This unit can use a high-quality mouse and keyboard to make it easier for the user to use the PC keyboard and the integrated laptop board, which can adversely affect the speed and accuracy of the writing. The UGreen USB 3.0 Switch, priced at $ 30, is mentioned in the Amazon Store.

> Appendix II allows you to take advantage of 4K high-definition screens and connect your laptop to them. Although many laptops offer special ports to connect to external monitors, many do not support high-resolution image playback at 60 Hz (HDMI 2.0 standard), which negatively affects image quality. But a special accessory can be used to connect to the laptop through the port of «USB Typ – C» and get power through the port «USB Micro», and displays the image on the screen through the HDMI port. The Cable Adapters USB-C2HDMI 2.0.4KHz 60KHz ADSL adapter cable, which is priced at $ 17 at the Amazon store,

– Carrying pads

Computer Loader. A platform can be used to carry your portable computer and lift it over your desk to provide more space for you to work with the ability to move the platform to the corner that suits you without closing the laptop screen in case you need to read a document.

The $ 100 AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand is featured in the Amazon Store.

> One of the problems of laptops in prolonged use is the curve of the neck and back, which may cause chronic pain in the user. But a special holder can be used for the computer to allow it to be placed in a comfortable corner for proper use and height. A separate mouse and keyboard can be used to work on the laptop more comfortably for extended periods without feeling any pain. We recall the $ 20 laptop Nexstand Laptop Stand at the Amazon store.

– Screens

> Additional screen. If you need to read a document and write later (for example, to read references or analyze studies or translation) or to edit video presentations, an additional side screen is very comfortable and allows you to read and write standard character sizes without straining your eyes. Therefore, you can use the Packed Pixels 9.7-inch display that displays the image at 1536×2048 pixels, so you can drag a window to become an extension of the main screen. This extra screen is lightweight and has a holder placed over the top of the home screen and allows you to place it on the right or left side (or both if you have two). The screen can be set horizontally or longitudinally. It has a USB Micro USB port for power and another to connect to the laptop, buttons to change the light intensity and a button to change the power the screen uses depending on the type of port used. More information about this screen can be found at The company is currently developing the second version of these screens.

> Touch extension. You can easily turn any laptop screen into a touch screen using the AirBar accessory by connecting it to a USB port on your computer and putting it down the screen. This accessory uses light to locate the user's finger and sends this data to the operating system so that the user can interact with his or her touch screen, such as enlarging, minimizing, moving and rotating images, and other commands. The gloves and the paint brush can be used to interact with the screen accurately, providing different versions according to the screen diameter of the user (13. 3, 14 and 15.6 inches on the Windows and Mac operating systems). The price of the supplement is $ 60 for the operating system «Windows» and $ 129 operating system «Mac» in the Amazon online store, and requires downloading its own software from the Internet to get full functionality.

MacBook Accessories. If you are a MacBook Pro user, you may have had the accessories that increase the number of USB ports that connect to the device from the side and eliminate the ability to use some of the neighboring ports because of their longitudinal design. But the OmniHub extension allows you to separate parts of it to allow the connection of the different accessories to the other ports or to use it as expansion modules on both sides of the device. The two pieces are joined together by a powerful, integrated magnet. This accessory offers HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, SD Card and Micro SD, with the ability to connect the charger to the computer charger while you work. Additional modules can be purchased and linked to the second part of the supplement without any hassle. Thanks to the separate design of this supplement, part of it can easily be shared with friends. This accessory works with MacBook Pro computers with a diameter of 13 and 15 inches.

Many new MacBook Pro users suffer from the need to use multiple USB peripherals to get the desired functionality, such as viewing the image on an additional monitor, getting more ports, standard USB drives, At the same time. This may be a burden to the user for the need to connect all these accessories at work, not to mention the appearance of the beautiful and space to work. The ProBase extension can be used as a stylish small stand that has multiple built-in ports connected to all these accessories. It allows you to use a single connection to the laptop, providing a special area for placing the laptop underneath to provide space to work with your mouse and keyboard.

This rack offers 3 USB 3.0 ports, an external speaker outlet and another for an extra screen connector, a charging port and a USB-T-C port for data transmission. This rack can also be used to charge mobile phones and tablets through its ports. The rack can also be used as a platform to place the laptop on a user-friendly height, as well as an additional drawer for storing external hard drives and portable memory modules. The price of the pregnant woman is $ 189 at Amazon's online store.

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