Abbas: The Palestinian number is difficult to overcome and the "deal of the century" ended

Abbas: The Palestinian number is difficult to overcome and the "deal of the century" ended

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the Middle East peace plan, known as the "Deal of the Century", would fail like the Bahrain conference, saying that "the Palestinian is a difficult number that can not be overcome."

In a speech during a session of the second session of the advisory council of the Fatah movement in Ramallah, Abbas said "the Palestinian position is clear and clear regarding all suspicious projects and deals that try to undermine" the national project and its liquidation.

Abbas stressed that the "deal of the century" has ended and will fail as the "Manama Workshop," which proved to the world that "the Palestinian number difficult can not be bypassed or underestimated its interests and legitimate national rights."

He added that the American side and after all that has been announced, whether with regard to the issue of Jerusalem and recognition as the capital of Israel, or the issue of "UNRWA" and other American positions unfair to the Palestinian cause, "is no longer honest broker can be relied upon."

The Palestinian president said: "We will bear and our people for the sake of our national cause first and will not give up the martyrs and the wounded and prisoners."

Abbas accused Israel of continuing to revoke the agreements signed between the two parties under international auspices, and systematically work to destroy the Oslo agreement, reiterating the refusal to accept receipt of the clearing funds held by Israel incomplete.

He also referred to the issue of reconciliation with Hamas. "We consistently declare that there is the 2017 agreement signed in Cairo under the kind auspices of the brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and we are still committed to it as a basis for achieving national unity. Implement its provisions and end the black divide that has affected our national cause at all levels. "

Source: Wafa

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