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A way to use it in person to watch all paid channels and get IPTV files free of charge

Recently, a large number of users have been using low monthly and annual subscriptions for some IPTV-based start-ups to subscribe to pay-TV packages such as Payne sport, which is one of the most expensive monthly subscriptions. To use IPTV files with monthly subscriptions that may cost only $ 35 per year, which is something unique and positive for other subscriptions.

Since one of my friends is working in this field and has his own place in the city of Muhammadiyah, where I lived, I was surprised by some of the information that I shared with you, which will enable you to get free IPTV files. This means watching all the packages free of charge either on your computer or the receiver or even on I have been told that the iptv files that are entered into the receivers are purchased by the parent companies and these companies put very low prices if you buy a large number of iptv files and give you a trial period lasting for 3 days and during this period you can Watch what you want Free form without paying any amount of money.
So all you have to do is go to the Google search engine and then type the following line:
reseller iptv server free trial
Then a group of sites will appear with you as in the picture

Then select any site as you want, for me you choose a site randomly as in the picture

Then click on Free trial as shown above

Now, just enter your information and choose the IPTV file you want to access. Is it for receivers, computer or Android phones? For the computer, select the file that has the mp3 extension.
Note: Most sites that offer this offer do not require the introduction of bank card or PayPal account, and do not forget to add the word Reseller to search for IPTV files where this word is used to get the free offers that the distributors get to try the IPTV files before selling them to the customer.
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