A virtual game that allows people to judge others by death or life

Arabs Today - A virtual game that allows people to judge others by death or life

The results of the "human ethics" experiment revealed that the value of life varies by country, especially in certain cases of death.

For example, the French had higher rates of saving women than men, and Lithuania occupied the top ten in protecting young people and healthy people.

The virtual game has imposed difficult ethical decisions, such as choosing between the lives of a family of four people crossing the road and a group of retirees moving in the other direction. These groups face self-driving cars, programmed by algorithms that place a certain value on human life.

And proved Experiments Which has been conducted in ethical decision-making, for nearly 40 million people worldwide, including the United Kingdom, the lives of women and men have been equally important on a large scale.

Dr. Idon Awad of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said Technology, A major contributor, that the study is essentially trying to understand the kinds of ethical decisions that auto-driven cars may resort to.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology put forward a problem with the possibility of an impending accident by running a series of computer simulations, and the participant sees a car on the left side of the road suggesting a variety of options.

One example of this test involves the possibility of a vehicle being driven to a concrete barrier or pedestrians, as well as the choice between killing humans and dogs, or between children and adults.

The experiment aims to help designers create smart cars, which can make decisions about what to do in the wake of an accident.

"In the history of mankind we have never allowed the machine to decide who should live and who should die in a fraction of a second without real-time supervision," the researchers wrote in the study.

The results show how ethics differ across the world. In a global ranking of 117 countries, Britain ranked 71th in saving women's lives instead of men and 34th to save children's lives instead of adults.


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