A study that reveals the qualities of the ideal woman that every man seeks

A study that reveals the qualities of the ideal woman that every man seeks

Arabs Today - A study that reveals the qualities of the ideal woman that every man seeks A study that reveals the qualities of the ideal woman that every man seeks

A new study has revealed the qualities of the perfect man and thus we have come to some qualities that exist in the ideal woman make it so for men, the study was published in the magazine Vanity Fair this month and her talk about the qualities of the ideal man for women, there is no big surprise in the answer apparently , The ideal man for many women is to be educated and successful at work and the age of 40 years and sometimes one wants to be a doctor to be perfect.

In this article we will show you the qualities that make women ideal in the eyes of men through studies conducted in many places and on many men, knowing these qualities may be a surprise.

Who is the sexy woman who attracts the attention of men from the first encounter?

- Intelligence

According to a study in the UK by psychologists at New York University, men found more scientists to be more intelligent and more admired than women with beautiful or physical attributes.

"We found in British societies, especially in Scandinavia, that intelligence ranked first in women's idealistic qualities in men, and we found that women put a greater value on the outer shape than men who put greater value on intelligence, mind, and skills," says Dr. Marcel of one of the study's authors. You may not have thought that men care more about intelligence than the body, but remember that this study was done in Britain.

- Lack of intelligence (stupidity)

It is known that our nature is different even if men agree on some qualities of the ideal woman there may be men who are unusual for these qualities and rules, there are some men who prefer to link with stupid and beautiful women, and when asked about this reason we found the answer that stupid woman is the best for a short relationship but When we asked them if they could marry the beautiful dumb woman who did not enjoy intelligence, the answer was no, this woman loses her attractiveness when the relationship goes on and becomes boring.

- The man sees that the working woman who achieves intellectual and material gains has the qualities that qualify her to be the ideal woman in his eyes. When a woman is 30 years old and has a job and gets her own money, the lady of the house and Ali is full of things in the house and cares for her husband and her children. Ideally, I have seen a study since 1930 and to this day still represents the perfect man for a woman who knows that she is reconciling her home with her work, has her own future and gains increasing.

- housekeeping: next to the previous qualities we find that the qualities begin to change and we are looking for a potential partner to spend with him the rest of the age, but in the end we find some traditional qualities still exist and strongly in men and learn to find them who will be their partner in their lives, That nearly 80% of men are looking for a good housewife to be their future wife and look forward to having a child. Although women's jobs are numerous and no longer confined to home and housework, the man still sees these qualities as ideal for him .

- A man is drawn to a woman who sacrifices herself for others and takes part in philanthropy and is generous and generous. According to a study by the University of Arizona in 2007, it is the most romantic women who begin to volunteer and sacrifice for the elderly and love to be involved in charitable organizations, In another study, she said that women do this in order to attract men to them as a way to get the admiration of men and may really have benefited this means these qualities that make women in the eyes of men ideal.

She has no sense of humor and humor. In fact, this is a somewhat misleading title. A man always likes to laugh at the jokes he makes. In a study of human behavior development, men and women were asked when they wanted to be partners Their lives found humor and humor to be one of the three most desirable traits in choosing a life partner. But when the researchers deepened their studies, he found that the man did not want his wife to be funny, met jokes and enjoyed a high sense of humor. The man loves a moderate woman who enjoys a light, Crossing its borders.

- Emotional stability: A man wants his future wife to enjoy emotional stability. It is not a happy day, and today is a day of extreme depression. Romance is a fantasy made by women, according to a study conducted by Iowa State University. Emotionally and tonically their initial features are calm.

We have presented to you some of the qualities that the man hopes in his wife and his life partner so that his relationship with her will last long.

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