A study reveals that the mother's voice is better than the "alarm clock" in awakening her children

The Arabs Today - A study that reveals that the mother's voice is better than the "alarm clock" in awakening her children

One study found that recording the mother's voice awakens the sleeping children three times as they wake up to the loud noise of the alarm clock.
The study points out that it is the worst nightmare for both parents: there is a fire in the house, the alarms work, but the children are still asleep and feel nothing, but scientists are discovering a better way to wake up the sleeping young in times of danger.

Researchers in the United States concluded that running the mother's voice for sleeping children helped awaken them three times from the traditional alarm clock. What's more, it is happening more quickly, and is linked to the speed of escape in emergencies, according to the newspaper "The Guardian" British.

Dr. Gary Smith, co-author of the research from the Nation-Wide Children's Hospital in Ohio, said: "The noisy sirens do not succeed in awakening children well under the age of 12," and they do not know the real reason. present time. But children under 5 are likely to be able to save themselves, adding that it is important to develop better alarms.

The research team supports a small study previously conducted by the team itself, but reveals that using the child's name does not affect the effectiveness of the sound alarm. Dr. Smith said that the scientific team now wanted to explore whether a voice other than that of the child's mother could be equally effective, or if the sex of the sound was important in making a difference.


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