A study confirms that barley drink can save heart patients from death

A study confirms that barley drink can save heart patients from death

A study by Canadian scientists found that eating 5 to 6 grams of barley fiber for a month could reduce blood cholesterol by 7 percent, reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of blood clots and other heart disease. For this reason, Canadian scientists recommend eating products that contain barley.

The researchers believe that these data will be very important and valuable for people at risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, and for people with high cholesterol.

The barley contains fibers that contribute to reducing the levels of substances that contain high levels of cholesterol, such as fats.

Focusing on data collected by other scientists on how the diet affects the accumulation of cholesterol in the human body, Vauxan concluded that barley is one of the most important elements of our cardiovascular health system because of its contribution to lowering cholesterol levels.

In recent years, the Centers for Social and Medical Services in several countries recommend that their citizens suffering from high cholesterol should eat more food, which has a large proportion of barley, because it contains fibers that contribute to the reduction and elimination of excess fat and cholesterol in the blood.

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