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A small, dangerous device used by all smartphone repairers to detect and solve most of the phone's problems

When we encounter any problem, no matter what your type is related to your Android device, the first one to turn to is the technical reformer for smart phones where it can fix the various difficult and easy problems you face while using your Android phone, where many of us believe that the technical reformer has a magic wand to solve all problems With the click of a button while others think that this is wrong, but in fact a large number of technical reformers of smart phones do not have a large efficiency in the technical field so they have to use a variety of tools that help them in a large solution to the technical problems facing the phones For Android.

The device you wanted to share was BST Dongle, which enables you to do unimaginable things, including disassembling phones from overseas, removing your phone's password and style without having to break your Android phone. You can also solve all problems related to software, Which you use with this device There are many versions that you can choose according to your use, through the following link:
The device you can buy it over the Internet and reach it as it is not a device is expensive and you can buy it through the following link at a low price compared to the presence in other locations:
BST Dongle
You can also use this device in a detailed explanation of how to use it
DrOf all the tools your program offers you through the following video:

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