A shocking study: hundreds of applications, "Android" take advantage of your privacy "against you"!

A shocking study: hundreds of applications, "Android" take advantage of your privacy "against you"!

Researchers have discovered more than 1,000 Android applications that bypass data protection restrictions that "protect" user privacy and collect personal data even when users refuse to grant access to their information.

"If application developers can circumvent the system, asking permission from users is relatively meaningless," said Serge Eagelman, director of security and privacy research at the University of California Institute of Computer Science, Berkeley.

The results were presented at PrivacyCon, a conference hosted by the US Federal Trade Commission in late June.

The study involved about 88,000 applications from the Google Play Store, where researchers investigated the process of transferring private data after the user refused to allow applications to access the data. They found that 1,325 of them used deflection solutions to collect data from sources via telephone software.

The study found that it collects the GPS coordinates of the place where the images were taken, to send information to the servers, regardless of whether users allowed or rejected the application's request to access their location data or not.

"Like many image services, Shutterfly uses this data to improve the user experience with features such as rating, all in line with the Shutterfly Privacy Policy and the Android Developer Agreement," said Shutterfly.

The study found that some applications did not violate privacy settings, but they used advanced technology to obtain data from other applications, including Hong Kong Disneyland.

This is not the first time that questions have been raised about the commitment of technology giants to protect user privacy. Last year, AP reported that Google continued to store user location data, even in cases where users stopped Location History.

Eagelman is scheduled to provide more detailed information about the results of the study at the Usenix Security conference in August, according to CNET.

Source: RT

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