A scientific breakthrough that turns all blood groups into one species may save thousands of lives

A scientific breakthrough that turns all blood groups into one species may save thousands of lives

Scientists have found a way to convert all types of blood into one type that is compatible with all patients, using microbes in the human intestine, a scientific breakthrough that can save thousands of lives.

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have found out how to convert all types of blood types A, B and AB to type O, which all patients can receive during blood transfusions, regardless of the species they carry.

Blood types vary according to the type of sugar found on the surface of the red blood cells. While O does not have any sugars.

Scientists have realized that some enzymes can remove sugars from blood cells A, B and AB, and convert them to type O, but found no enzymes safe, effective and economically, except in the intestines.

The human digestive system contains the same sugars found in blood cells, and the bacterial enzymes found in the human stool excrete sugars from the lining to help digestion.

Scientists were able to isolate the enzyme and use it to strip blood from sugars more effectively than any other enzyme.

Scientists have come to this exciting discovery since last August, but have now revealed the results only in a paper published in the journal Nature Microbiology.

The next step is to test the enzyme within a clinical framework to see if there are any side effects of the procedure. If none are found, the future of donating blood will change for the better.

Source: RT


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