A scene that does not forget the heroes of "moon hunter" and the phenomenon of "

Arabs today - a cosmic scene does not forget the heroes of "moon hunter" and the phenomenon of "

The universe offers an amazing celestial display during this month, with the stars of the hunter, Uranus and the meteor shower, allowing amateur stars Around the world a unique spectacle of the real "fireworks".

On Wednesday night, October 24, the moon named "Moon of the Fisherman," which lasted until Thursday evening, was observed, according to the US space agency "NASA"It is named because it coincides with the beginning of the harvest, as farmers need to light up to complete their work at night The Moon also got that name because its bright light makes it easier for fishermen to kill prey before the winter months lean.

At the same time, another cosmic phenomenon called the "Jabbarat meteor shower," which is named after the constellation of the mighty and linked to the Halley comet, is occurring from the beginning of October until November 7, according to NASA scientists. .

The comet penetrates Earth's atmosphere at 148,000 mph, creating a beautiful cosmic ray for those lucky enough to see this phenomenon with the naked eye. Those who wish to see Uranus at the height of its glory are the perfect time. The cosmic coincidence that the planet will be in the ideal location for the next few days will be in direct opposition to the sun, so it will be visible after sunset, and the frozen gas giant will be visible in most regions around the world.


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