A Saudi minister linked the success of Kouchner's plan to faith in its implementation

A Saudi minister linked the success of Kouchner's plan to faith in its implementation

Saudi Arabia's minister of state, Mohammed al-Sheikh, said the economic plan proposed by US President George W. Bush's adviser, Donald Trump, and his brother-in-law in Bahrain, Jared Kouchner, "could succeed because it includes the private sector."

"It is possible to implement the Kouchner plan if people believe in its implementation and if there is hope for peace," he said at the Bahrain workshop, organized at the invitation of the United States to market the economic aspects of the "century deal."

"The way to convince people is to give them the hope that they will be sustainable and will eventually lead to prosperity and development," he said.

Kouchner said Tuesday at the Bahrain Workshop about the economic aspect of a US plan to achieve peace in the Middle East. Kouchner's application will depend on subsidized donations and loans to overcome past approaches that have prolonged Palestinian suffering.

The workshop is a formal rejection of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian factions. The deal is based on forcing the Palestinians to make major concessions to Israel and sell their land for a handful of money that comes from Arab sources.

Source: Reuters + Agencies


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