A recent medical study reveals the "exciting factor" to determine the sex of the fetus

A recent medical study reveals the exciting factor for determining fetal sex

A recent study shows that chromosomes are not the only ones responsible for determining the sex of the fetus, noting that a chemical reaction affects genes and the growth of an important male reproductive organ.

Commonly, the integration of the X and Y chromosomes into the nucleus of the progenitor gives a male fetus, while chromosomes X and X are then deposited into a female fetus.

According to the results of the study, the occurrence of an imbalance in the protein called "SOX9" in the genome Y, lead to disorders in the growth of the testes in the fetus.

A scientific team from the Australian Children's Research Institute Murdoch found that the "SRY" gene found in the Y chromosome affects significantly the SOX9 protein.

"When the proportion of SOX9 is lower in the male chromosome, the fetus grows in the ovaries instead of the testes," said Andreu Sanclair, the study's author. "While there is enough SOX9 protein in the Y chromosome, The testicles are normally normal in the fetus.

Scientists are betting on the importance of this discovery to understand a range of sex disorders that occur in the fetus and affect his life significantly.

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