A proven and proven trick to stop your baby crying immediately, no matter how painful it may be

Arabs Today - A proven and proven trick to stop your baby crying immediately, no matter how painful it may be

Do you find it difficult to calm your child and urge him to stop crying? What do you think of refloxology? Do not worry, you do not need a specialist, but you can implement this technique of calm in the house, and completely safe.

This science is based on what is known as therapy by pressure, especially at the bottom of the feet, as each point is linked to a specific position in the body, and therefore, the pressure is sufficient to alleviate the pain of this position.

So, if your child is suffering from a pain, use the following image to determine where to gently squeeze, soothe as soon as possible, and stop crying.

Place the pressure on the child's feet to stop crying

Please note that you can also take advantage of adults.

Head and teeth area:
Wipe the fingertips in your child's feet to relieve the various pains in this position, especially the pain of teething.

Sinus area:
You can take advantage of this massage to relieve nasal congestion if your child has colds or flu.

Chest Area:
Hold this point in your child's feet to help him in chest and cough congestion, especially when the sputum is accumulated.

Solar Plexus Area:
This label symbolizes the group of nerves between the lungs and stomach.

Upper abdomen:
This massage is associated with reducing stomach pain, GERD and indigestion.

The lower part of the abdomen:
Massage this position helps to relieve bowel pain, especially constipation, colic, and swelling.

Pelvic area:
You can take advantage of this position to relieve pain related to body positions and excessive pressure on the feet of the baby.

It should be noted that "pressure therapy" despite this name is not a therapeutic solution, but only to contribute to the alleviation of pain and alleviate the symptoms

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