A new electronic application that can diagnose anemia

A new electronic application that can diagnose anemia

Researchers have discovered a new electronic application that may provide a quick solution for people with anemia and want to monitor their condition or those who complain only that they may have the disease.

The researchers said in the journal Nature Communication that a computerized system developed in Atlanta was able to closely monitor signs of anemia through the skin color just below the nails. The professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pediatrics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, Wilbur Lam, "The end result is that we have developed a method by which anyone can check the condition of anemia at any time and anywhere, without having to take a blood sample."

The application, developed by Lam and his colleagues, uses artificial intelligence to determine hemoglobin levels by examining the skin's color beneath the nails. "Basically, our computational system learns every time we deliver it in a smart phone to the skin below the nails with the hemoglobin level attached to the image," he said. Large data in my clinic, where we record patients who draw blood samples from them to measure hemoglobin levels. Every time we do that, the arithmetic system becomes smarter and more. "

The study was developed by study leader Robert Manino, who was one of L's patients since his childhood. To determine the accuracy of the new application for monitoring anemia, researchers recruited 100 volunteers, some of whom had the disease for various reasons. Some had normal levels of hemoglobin. Volunteers loaded the application and took pictures of their nails. The application analyzed the images and compared them with the images they had previously provided. In the end, the application was very good at monitoring anemia, knowing 97 percent of infected people.

Lam said the application may be more accurate even if one reading of the hemoglobin level is accompanied by a picture of a patient, adding that with this level of accuracy, the application will allow people with chronic anemia problems to monitor hemoglobin levels regularly and sustainably. Special for specific groups of people.

"Pregnant women, for example, are at risk of anemia and are aware of the risk of their anemia," he said. "Now they can examine themselves whenever they want to."

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