"A major security breakthrough" almost killed one of the symbols of "Libyan National Army"

"A major security breakthrough" almost killed one of the symbols of "Libyan National Army"

Major General Nais Boukhamada, commander of the Libyan special forces "lightning" survived the bombing of a car bomb in the city of Benghazi, killing five people and wounding dozens during the funeral of Major General Khalifa al-Massmari.

General Boukhamada is one of the leaders of the Karama process in 2014, where he implemented a plan to remove all manifestations of breaking out of the law in the eastern Libyan, and contributed to the unification of the brigades under the banner of the "Libyan National Army" after most of the cities of the eastern Libyan controlled by armed groups known themselves councils The rebels in Derna, Ajdabiya and most of Benghazi.

The first real military test of the "Lightning" forces was its response to Ansar al-Sharia and 17 February gunmen in Benghazi in May 2014, where the Lightning was able to control the areas of influence of these militants.

The "Lightning" forces, led by Major General Boukhmada, took control of the coastal districts of Benghazi (Sabri, Litti and the coastal zone) and extended their operations to Ajdabiya, Tobruk and Derna.

"We must stop very much at the bombing of Benghazi," says journalist Mohamed Hassan Amer. "It is a major security breach that may recall what happened in Gharyan."

Amer added to RT that "Boukhamada is one of the most important names or leaders in the first row in the army behind the Marshal Khalifa Hafter commander of the Libyan National Army," noting that "the special forces led by Boukhmada played a major role in the process of removing militants and extremist currents from Benghazi."

Amer said that "Boukhamada has a great symbolism within the Libyan National Army, which previously controlled the city of Gharyan southwest of the capital Tripoli, and then regained by the forces of the Reconciliation government again in a shock blow, the Libyan army went out to talk about betrayal."

"Is the national army betrayed again?"

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT

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