A Japanese cafe that allows people with special needs to work remotely in a unique way!

With technology, life is easier than you imagine, and most everyday tasks can be controlled with the click of a button! Technology has also contributed to improving the lives of people with special needs. Even a Japanese coffee shop has used technology to employ a number of people with disabilities in a unique and unique way!

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<h2>A Japanese cafe that employs people with disabilities in a distinctive way!</h2>
<p>When you enter DAWN Cafe, it seems like a great place to enjoy coffee with robots to serve you while you visit and provide food and drink to hungry customers.</p><div class=

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<p>DAWN Cafe, an abbreviation for "Diverse Avatar Working Network", based on an 2008 film called "Time of Eve". In the film, humans and robots are treated equally in the coffee shop. Although the coffee shop derived his idea from the film, his vision was much broader. Thanks to the joint efforts of Nippon, ANA Holdings Inc. and Ory Lab Inc., OriHime-D robots were designed to help people with severe disabilities such as ESD, and to give people who are unable to leave their homes the opportunity to engage in normal life and to mix with people , And even make money, without having to leave their bed.</p>
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This modern technology, which produced OriHime-D robots, has given hope to bedridden patients by practicing a part of normal life and associating people. Living with disability is not easy, especially if the person is forced to stay in bed and unable to move.

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<p>"Thanks to these amazing robots, people with disabilities will have more choices to control their lives," commented Quintaro Yoshifuji, CEO of Ory Lab, at a press conference.</p>
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