A driver used his sister in Htc to introduce a girl in Giza

Arabs Today - A driver used his sister in Htc to introduce a girl in Giza

The Public Prosecutor's Office has decided to refer the driver of Tok Tok and his sister, a "street vendor," to a criminal trial on charges of maltreatment of an 18-year-old girl. In the following lines we disclose the punishment awaiting the accused:

Attorney Bassam Hawash said that Article 268 of the Penal Code stipulated that anyone who assaults a person by force or threat or who commits such acts shall be punished by hard labor from three years to seven years. If the person who committed the said crime has not attained the age of sixteen full years or The perpetrator of whom was provided for in the second paragraph of Article 267 may be sentenced to the maximum limit prescribed for temporary hard labor, pointing out that if these two conditions together are sentenced to hard labor.

Hawash added that the crime of defamation of crimes punishable as a top crime and requires two pillars are the physical element and the criminal intent of the racism of science and will. He pointed out that the physical element of the criminal has two elements are the act of the perpetrator of the defamation of the victim and the second is the use of force or threat in order to achieve the target of the victim's offer.

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