A doctor sleeps in the operating room after 6 surgeries without interruption

A doctor sleeps in the operating room after 6 surgeries without interruption

Chinese media have published a humanitarian picture of a surgeon, who slept in the operating room after six operations were completed without interruption.

He spent 20 hours continuously in the operating room of his hospital in south China's Guizhou Province.

The surgeon underwent five consecutive operations. When he was about to leave, a patient was brought to the hospital with his arm in the meat-chopping machine. The doctor had to go back to work and undergo another 8 hours of surgery.

The surgeon ended the process of re-arm patient, and sat next to the operating table and carry the patient's arm up, until the blood to it and do not touch anything, to make him sleepy during his pregnancy, according to the site "Rotana"

One of the nurses rushed to take a picture of the surgeon and posted it on the Chinese website WeChat. "I wanted to close my eyes and rest. I did not expect me to sleep," the surgeon said.

He said in a press interview that although he was tired at the time, he agreed to have surgery because he felt he was still able to concentrate, explaining that the happiest thing for him was to see his patients recover from their pain and misery.

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