A disabled couple spreading happiness on social networking sites

Arabs today - a disabled couple spread happiness on social networking sites

The phrase "love makes miracles" is one of the most frequently uttered words by people who dream of a happy life, but this was made possible by a happy couple whose pictures were posted on the Internet.

The news and pictures of a family of disabled parents from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have spread to social networks as an example of the happiest family in which the handicap has not stood a barrier between love and love, the South China Morning Post reported.

Liu Hai, a former soldier who lost his arms in a work accident in 2007, saw the story of the girl, Lee Myoin, who lost her legs when she was 13, on a television program. Liu then looked for Lee, When we found her hand, Liu said, "We will have both arms and legs, together we can live happily."

They married and lived together, and now they raise their little girl, they have their own farm that contains chickens and vegetables, refuse to accept help or money from anyone, to teach their daughter hardness, self-reliance and independence.

"The farm brings us enough income for the three of us, and we do not want to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of others," said Liu. "When the Chinese news agency Xinhua published pictures of the parents with their daughter, Such as "WeChat".

Many wished them success, and saw how happy their daughter was in the published pictures. One of the followers admitted that he was happy to see these pictures.

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