A deceptive message threatens to expose the privacy of Facebook users

Arabs today - a deceptive message threatens to expose the privacy of Facebook users "

Receive Facebook users Warnings to ignore a phishing message spread over social media K "wildfire". The deceptive message says the deadline is approaching, and if it goes beyond it, it will be "Published publicly," including photos, information and private messages. The "viral trick" encourages you to copy and paste the message into your personal account to make sure it reaches your friends and family.

"If you do not publish the statement at least once, it will implicitly allow you to use your photos, as well as the information in your profile status updates," the letter says, but the warnings say it is a deceptive message and there is no deadline.

This reflects a deceptive warning spread when Facebook became a public domain in 2012. At the time, Facebook said, "There is a rumor that Facebook is making a change regarding the ownership of user information or content posted on the site."

"It's a mistake. Any person who uses Facebook has and controls the content and information he publishes, as stated in our policy, they control how this content and information is shared, this is our policy, and it has always been."

Users' concerns about Facebook becoming public may also make personal information public, but Facebook's overall status has nothing to do with copyright protection.

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