A course for the treatment of life card and a free symposium for the people of Morocco in Fez

A course for the treatment of life card and a free symposium for the people of Morocco in Fez

Morocco is witnessing the most powerful session on the definition of bioenergy, under the title "Life Card Therapy", presented by the consultant "Grand Master" Lubna Ahmed and the precious stones with the consultant of reiki and bio-energy "grand master" Ahmed Shaaban.

In an interview with Al-Arab Al-Youm, Al-Arab Al-Youm revealed the international treatment of Lubna Ahmed: We will be present from 1 to 5 November in the city of Fez in Morocco and we will give a free lecture to the people of Morocco on November 1, 3, 4 intensive training courses and intensive courses for those who want to learn more about bioenergy therapy. We will also be with them on 5 November.

"A series of sessions and consultations will be offered," he said. "We will have all products for bioenergy, precious stones and a halo reading device."

The Zen Coaching Center, headed by the Koch Ghali and in partnership with Karma Academy International Egypt, is organizing for the first time in Morocco the strongest bio-energy courses in Fez.

Saturday and Sunday November 3 – 4, from 9 am to 6 pm at the Barcelo Hotel in Fez.

Through this course, participants are given "international accreditation as a therapist".

The vital energy and its importance, the system of chakras and the energy system in the ethereal body, and the main and secondary energy entrances and exits, and the work of breathing exercises, meditation exercises, energy-loading exercises and exercises of discharge and disposal of negative and excess energies, and points of physical therapy, And the points of spiritual treatment, and how to ship yourself and others with your hand card, and how to discharge and get rid of the negative energies for yourself and others with your hand card, quick public cleaning points of importance and weaknesses, and the elimination of negative energies in hand, and how to use the internal and external energies for treatment, Treat yourself and treat others, how to treat yourself and treat others remotely, use water and salt to throw energy waste, cut off energy links, and how to use external energies for treatment. The trainee will get a certified certificate as a professional therapist from iarp global organization of cosmic energy professionals, Karma International karma academy.

This course will benefit all those who have difficulty reaching their goals despite knowing the methods leading to it, and those who wish to develop in the field of work and mission in life, and everyone who wants to understand the vital energy deeply and knowledge of its applications amazing in all aspects of life, and all who suffer from Physical diseases do not have a cause for doctors, and everyone who continues with the disease for a long period does not improve treatment, and anyone who wants to accelerate physical healing and enjoy the vitality and activity and health, and those who want to enjoy the pleasure of sleep deep long without insomnia and insomnia, and who wants to stop sedative drugs from His life is final and there are many powerful surprises that will make you get rid of it Chronic pain, no known medical reasons, epilepsy, excess brain electricity, colon and circulatory problems, various skin problems and frequent pimples , Breathing problems and chest tightness.


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