A Chinese woman "kidnaps her son" to test her husband's love for her

Arabs Today - Chinese woman "kidnaps her son" to test her husband's love for her

China's entire community has tracked the issue of a missing child whose family has announced a reward of 500,000 yen ($ 75,000) for those who reveal its whereabouts.

One of the residents of Yongin City, Zhejiang Province, kidnapped her "son" to check whether her husband would be worried about her and her son.

After a dispute with her husband, the Chinese woman went to their son's school and asked him to wait in another car. She went to the Chinese police and filed a complaint about the disappearance of her child. She then took him to the village and left him there in the care of her relatives .

The competent Chinese authorities in Yongin City and the neighboring city of Bingo have sought to find the missing child, using large resources and troops.

The child was found on the sixth day, and it soon became clear that his mother deliberately misled the people. The woman was detained on charges of deliberately spreading misleading information to authorities and people.

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