A chemical that helps scientists detect early suicide

A chemical that helps scientists detect early suicide

WASHINGTON [Reuters] – Suicide ideas may be detectable in the brain after a chemical is discovered when a person thinks about putting an end to his or her life, scientists say.

Researchers in psychiatry and psychology have long wanted to find better indicators of suicidal ideas in order to identify people at risk early and develop drugs that target brain activities that make someone who can not live.

Scientists at Yale University may have found an important indicator of using PET scans to detect brain structures, 29 people with PTSD, 29 other people with depression, and 29 others with good mental health.

The results showed a breakthrough in the production of 5 mGluR5 receptors, a substance that helps brain cells communicate but is linked to anxiety, mood disorders and depression, not only in one area but in five regions of the brains of people with PTSD or depression.

Scientists also found a greater activity for these receptors in those who reported suicide thoughts or attempts.

Scientists at Yale University in the United States believe the increase in "mGluR5" levels can be used to detect the most at risk of suicide, especially those with post-traumatic stress disorder who have been seriously injured or attacked.

This is not the first time "mGluR5" has been associated with mental health concerns.

The neurotransmitter is thought to share our capacity for emotional learning as well as total neuronal flexibility, a measure of the ability of the brain to form new and different tangled bonds.

When the sender's activities are out of control, they may play a role in the development of mental disorders.

Source: Daily Mail

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