A British woman seeks to put her dead mother's hair on her wedding dress

Arabs today - a British woman seeking to put her dead mother's hair on her wedding dress

A 61-year-old woman from Bristol, who prefers not to be identified, is looking for a fashion designer to help her design a dress using her dead mother's hair, which she has collected over four years and is willing to pay £ 15,000 for her idea.

The newspaper "The Independent" British that the lady published an advertisement through the fashion design site "Sewport", acknowledging that the request strange, and wrote: "I am looking for someone redesigning my wedding dress, which dates back to 1953, I wore it when I married my father, and my mother died recently, and I want "I discovered that my mother was sick in 2014, and since then I began to collect her hair, I did not know," she said. The reason for that, and now I think I know. "

The girl wants to put her mother's hair on her collar, sleeves, waist and sides. She said she wanted the dress ready by August 2019 for the anniversary of her mother's death.

"Most design requests are collected by manufacturers within 6 hours," said Boris Hodakil, founder of Sweetport. "We're dealing with weird designs every day, but that's fashion."

"It's hard to use human hair as fibers to make clothes," says Alex Bezet, a former fashion designer at the London Museum of Design. "Hair is not adapted to the fabric we have today. It took a lot of research. And still; to access quality to make wearable material. "

"Poetry is full of keratin, not the natural bond of wool, such as microscopic hooks that help the material to be stable and strong, but I sympathize with the decision of the woman, who decided not to reveal her identity," she said. It is perceived as immoral because of previous history in Europe. The Nazis used the hair of murdered Jews to make different things during the Second World War, and also because of its connection to cannibals. "

"But sometimes it's a spiritual symbol. In the Victorian era, it was natural to transform someone's love or lose it into things like jewelry, or to wear it like a dress on a piece of leather. I think this dress will be an emotional process. To a certain extent, perhaps strange, but it will make her dress distinctive, and gives her unique relationship with her mother. "


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