8 Saudi entrepreneurs pave the way for the future

This year, ArabNet will be part of the "Kingdom of Innovation" event, where thousands of digital business leaders, business leaders and digital investors will gather in Riyadh on December 12 and 13. Two concurrent events will be held: "ArabNet Riyadh" for more than 1000 executives and senior executives Governmental organizations and Saudi Arabian-based startups for more than 3,000 business, youth and students.

This year's event will bring together several prominent Saudi entrepreneurs who will share their success stories, provide us with advice on entrepreneurship, and reveal industry insights in various forums and / or initiatives.

The following 8 Saudi entrepreneurs will participate in the event:

Abdul Aziz Al Jouf – Founder and CEO, PayTabs

Abdul Aziz Al-Jouf

Mr. Abdulaziz Fahad Al-Jouf is a Saudi entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Petabs, a payment processing company with a total investment of $ 20 million. Mr. Abdul Aziz and the company of Petabs have received many awards and medals. Mr. Abdul Aziz appeared on the cover of Arabian Business during a major interview in June 2018. Petabas was named Middle East Financial Technology Company at the prestigious Arab Business Awards.

Abdullah Elias – Co-Founder and Head of Purchasing Department of Careem

Abdullah Elias

Mr. Abdullah is one of the founders of Karim, a company that specializes in providing a network of delivery services with a capital of $ 1.2 billion. He has over 10 years of professional experience in the management and consulting of software projects he has acquired in multinational companies such as Mercedes-Benz, SAP AG, and Expo 2000. Mr. Abdullah initially founded the emerging Enwani Company, which was acquired by Karim later, Karim team as co-founder. Forbes Magazine said that Karim has the largest application for cars and fastest growing technology companies in the Middle East.

Ahmed Al Zaini – Founding Partner and CEO of Vodex

Ahmed El Ziney

Mr. Ahmed Ziney is the founding partner and CEO of Vodex, a fast-growing technology company. He founded two emerging IT companies and appeared on the cover of Forbes Middle East after a $ 4 million FODEX financing package. Ahmed holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Endeavor Global has named Mr. Ahmed as the world's leading business leader for 2018.

Ahmed Al Bader – Co-Founder and CEO of Sihatech

Ahmed Al Bader

Ahmed Al Bader is the co-founder and CEO of the health company. He has 19 years of practical experience in various fields. He is a former advisor to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, advisor to the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND) and other public and private institutions. Ahmed holds a master's degree in master program management from Oxford University.

Ammar Wajna – CEO of Afkar

Ammar and Jannah

Mr. Ammar is the CEO of Afkar, an online shopping mall with an investment volume of $ 2 million. He has experience in e-commerce, marketing and communications planning, branding strategy, product development, social media, visual mining and digital marketing. He has acquired it while working at Unilever and TPOA Saudi Arabia. He is a graduate of the University of Wales Institute where he earned an MBA in Marketing.

Hatem Kamali – Founder of iClick, Rasal, and Lucidia

Hatem Kamali

Mr. Hatem is an expert in digital marketing and technical entrepreneurship, and in 13 years he founded more than 5 emerging digital companies, including iClick, a specialist in digital marketing consultancy; Lucida, a specialist in artificial intelligence and social data analysis; The fastest growing Middle East and North Africa region. Previously worked in various markets and industries (airlines, media, banks, startups) as a commercial and digital marketing consultant. He recently received a number of awards from Forbes and the Board of Directors for Marketing.

Osama Ashri – Founder of the Saudi System for Entrepreneurship

Osama Ashri

Osama is the founder of the Saudi Entrepreneurship System, a dynamic platform that harnesses the collective efforts of various stakeholders to promote entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Mr. Osama is a member of the Board of Directors of Wadi Makkah Company and has previous experience in strategy development and with several institutions.

Zine El Abidine Tawfiq – Founder and CEO of Expedia

Zine El Abidine Tawfiq

Zain is the CEO and founder of Sharaha, a service on social networking sites. He worked for Saudi Aramco as a manpower planning analyst and financial analyst and focused on making Saudi Aramco shares ready for subscription. Prior to joining Saudi Aramco, Zain worked as a technical consultant at Wipro. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM).

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