8 easy ways to get shiny and beautiful skin

Arabs Today - 8 Easy Ways to Get a Shiny and Beautiful Skin

Keeping your skin fresh and bright does not require a lot of money, using the correct lotions and maintain some simple daily habits, you can maintain the shape and freshness of your skin throughout the life, these simple steps ensure that you.
1. Pay attention to bathing water:

High levels of chlorine in water destroy skin cells and remove them from natural oils, and it causes inflammation, and to avoid the effect of chlorine you can install a filter above the shower nozzle to filter the water before touching the skin, and then use natural oils, such as: Shower directly.
2. Use sunscreen (sun block):

Direct exposure to the sun causes inflammation, perspiration, cost and many problems, so using sunscreen suitable for your skin permanently protects your skin from sun damage.

Your guide to buying the sunblock that suits your needs
3. Chewing chewing gum for long periods:

Chewing frankincense usually does not look harmful, but it has many benefits. The most important thing is to get rid of the tension. However, chewing gum for long periods puts pressure on the skin around the mouth and leads to wrinkles in this area. If you rely on frankincense to overcome the phantom hunger it can be replaced with a cup of mint , And reduce its use as much as you can.
4. Eat the chilled products:

Fruits and vegetables contain many important antioxidants to maintain the freshness of the skin and protect the skin from damage, and fruits such as cranberries, strawberries and other types that contain high levels of antioxidants, best purchased frozen from the store, frozen fruit retains the percentage of antioxidants where it is frozen Once you have harvested, you get a lot of time to get to the store, and during this period the antioxidants are very low.

5. Take care of neck area:

A US study found that the average number of times we look down on a mobile phone is 150 times a day. The lower the risk of wrinkles and lines in the neck, the more likely the dermatologists look at the phone.
6. Adopt a balanced diet:

Adherence to a balanced diet with exercise, maintains the freshness of the skin and protects it from wrinkles and wrinkles that affect them over time.

7. Use silk fabrics:

There is no need to get rid of cotton bed linens, but using simple silk fabrics, make a pillow cover and you will not imagine the effect of this in the freshness and protection of your facial skin. Silk reduces the intense friction between the facial skin and the cotton pad, which reduces the incidence of wrinkles.
8. Be aware of what you are taking medicines:

Some drugs, such as birth control pills, fertility drugs, antibiotics, etc., can cause a lot of damage to your skin. In addition, some types of antidepressants, antihistamines and diuretics cause dry skin. If your skin changes and is affected when you start taking your medicine, talk to your doctor about Type and change of medication.

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