7 Mistakes for shy man during intimacy

7 Mistakes for shy man during intimacy

A Brazilian study on social and family issues identified seven common mistakes of shy men with women when they engage in intimacy. What are these mistakes?

First: Always try to make the woman care about him
What is tired of a normal non-shy wife is to try to shy husband to exaggerate make them interested in him; for his sense of inferiority and shame of the same intimate relationship. He tries to follow many tricks to gain interest in him unaware that she will not be with him in an intimate position if you do not feel attracted to him.

Second: focus on saying things correctly!
The shy man makes great efforts; to say chats and narrate things correctly; in order to leave a good impression when a woman is with her, so he wastes a lot of time in repeating conversations that may be boring for a woman. He is very concerned about finding the right and perfect words to leave a beautiful impression on his wife, as if he were a judge before him.

Third: forget its value and prestige
He considers himself to be below the level of his wife, and also believes that he does not deserve it, which makes her feel that the man is not the owner of a decision, and lacks much experience.

Fourth, he believes that his interest in him is supernatural
The man who is ashamed of intimacy usually thinks that it is difficult for him to find a woman who cares about him. If he finds her and marries her, he thinks it is supernatural, so he tries to do the impossible to make her feel influenced by him. This makes him forget many important things that he might miss while preparing. To practice intimacy, something the wife does not like.

Fifth: Do not take decisions
Any initiatives that women like when it comes to intimacy. Shame sets a barrier between him and initiatives.

Sixth: Wait for its signals
Shyness is reluctant to take the initiative in the relationship, and he is waiting for signals issued by the woman. This frequency may lead to a lack of intimacy; because it is common for a man to start the first move towards intimate exercise.

Seventh: Do not understand the desires of women
That is, he usually does not understand the signs of desire for intimacy issued by women.

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