7 materials to be taken with tea and increase its usefulness to the body

7 materials to be taken with tea and increase its usefulness to the body

How do we drink tea, do we drink it alone or with something else? Scientists confirm that the thing we choose with tea determines its level of absorption and usefulness to the body.

Tea is a common beverage, which is consumed almost daily, it is necessary to identify some of the substances and the effect of taking tea:

1. Milk

Many people like to drink tea with milk. According to experts, milk increases the properties of the diuretic tea, but reduces its activating effect, and on the other hand, increased acidity of tea with milk, can improve health.

2. Sugar

Sugar with black tea stimulates blood circulation in the brain, so eating one cup of tea with sugar can cure headaches, and brewing tea with sugar leads to the production of the chemical compound Katyhin, a group of "flavonoids that can become a strong antimicrobial , But sugar in this drink prevents the body from absorbing the vitamin "B1" necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system.

3 – Tea with honey

2-3 teaspoons of honey helps to improve metabolism in the body. In this case, it is best to take it with green tea.

4- Tea with lemon

Black and green tea increases the absorption of vitamin "С", which is found in the lemon juice in tea, thus doubling its usefulness as a source of this vitamin.

5. Tea with chocolate

Eating tea with dark or dark chocolate stimulates and activates blood circulation in the brain, and tea with chocolate, anti-vasoconstriction.

6- Tea with ginger

This drink helps to eliminate excess weight, improves physical condition, strengthens the immune system and helps to fight disease infection.

7- Tea with cinnamon

Cinnamon is used as an adjuvant in the elimination of excess weight, and when ingested with black tea, this property is enhanced, and this drink strengthens the immune system of the body.

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