6 strange applications for Android and IOS

Google Play is packed with millions of applications that are basically designed to make life easier for users or to eliminate their boredom. In this new post we will show you some very strange apps in the Google Play store and the App Store. I'm sure you will not believe it actually exists

1. Die With Me

The app works only if the battery level is too low for less than five percent on the smartphone or tablet. The situation is emotional, especially if you need a connection, and there is no power outlet or nearby electrical outlet. App creators allow you to share other users with your "recent words" or philosophical ideas.

2. S.M.T.H.

Game or let's say a very strange application may cause your smartphone to be smashed if you try to reach the highest possible result! The game is called "Throw me to heaven"The game first appeared on the Apple store, but was banned several times because it led to the crash of thousands of smart phones. Apple has justified the ban that the game lead To damage the user's device.

3. Nothing

Among Google Play Store apps that are surprised by its presence among the applications you as a user. A real application does nothing. However it has a fantastic rating on Google Play and Million Download. Periodically, developers submit updates … do not change anything.

4. Binky

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, this app does not have a diary or news, this application has options for commenting and sharing too. It gives you endless contents of random objects like some natural images or Funny, funny or funny things. All you need to do is scroll through to get a light, sequential content. Binky's application is designed to provide a social network free from stress and nervousness, and you can interact with it by admiring and commenting without thinking of your added friends lists, For today's social.

5. I am not Rich

The application does not even need to be downloaded to understand its work. In fact . Application costs about $ 440. Given the price, everyone will understand that they are not rich enough to spend money on useless things. This app was created in response to another named, "I'm Rich", which was costing $ 999. The program does nothing.

6. Yo

Users of the application can send Yo word to friends in the form of text messages and voice messages, as well as attach a site. Created in 8 hours, U received a million dollars investment, and in 2014 became the number one social application in the US application store. Over time, popular application began to decline.

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