6 rules for a refreshing and refreshing smell throughout the day in the summer

Arabs today - 6 rules for a refreshing and refreshing smell that lasts all day in the summer

Every woman wants to have a fresh and refreshing scent that does not fade all day in these hot days and with increasing humidity in the air throughout the summer, and is not oxidized with the atmosphere and turns into an unwanted smell. So just follow the 6 rules recommended by beauty experts in the world to revive your hot summer day.

Here are the best refreshing aromatic rules in all its forms. You choose what suits you this summer:

Fresh cologne or toilet water
Is an aromatic water based on a base of citrus refreshing skin in the hot atmosphere. Choose from them a bouquet of the most beautiful aromas of strong sandalwood mixed with flowers such as jasmine flower extract, or fruit flowers rich in the scent of orange, lemon or grapefruit blossoms, which will make you feel refreshed all day and for a long time. But do not use fresh toilet water directly on your skin, because it contains alcohol that is harmful to sensitive skin, and just spray the spray on your clothes.

Alcohol free fragrance
There are many types of refreshing summer perfumes available throughout the day, provided you choose them free of alcohol, allowing them to be applied under the sun without the skin. It comes in small bottles that you can place in your handbag wherever you go. Its base is made up of moisturizing and anti-oxidant materials such as Shea butter that helps nourish skin. For a full day of rest and relaxation, sprinkle a little on the wrists, neck and behind the ear.

Perfume Grassy base
You can renew your hot day with a fragrance that combines essential moisturizing oils such as glycerin and aromatic herbal base with a refreshing effect on you in warm weather like green tea with vanilla extract. Aromatic your whole body to get a distinctive smell for long periods.

Light and non greasy bodyspray
Cosmetic experts advise you not to dispense with the fragrance of the body that is derived from the smell of your favorite perfume, because it has a non-greasy, non-greasy texture on the skin, just choose its rich base of vitamins E and C and green tea extract. For a long lasting rest you can sprinkle the body spray on the face, neck or hair several times a day.

Scented creams for peeling the body
Want to smell attractive throughout the day with a moist and smooth complexion? Just use body scrubs regularly this summer, based on fresh fruit acids such as pineapples and spices such as strong ginger or attractive flowers such as coconut and tangerine. Apply the peeled cream on the wet skin with water by circular movements, especially on the more rough areas such as elbows and knees. Then clean your body with pure water and you will get a wonderful smell that will stay with you for hours.

Use perfumed soap instead of shower gel
Cosmetic experts recommend returning to the use of solid soap with a refreshing aroma instead of shower gel, provided that the base of the essential oils, such as jasmine, camellia and rose, in addition to the distinctive bergamot and oranges, are chosen to prevent dryness and aroma.


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