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6 exercises help to open the uterus and protect the outdoors

Exercises that help to open the uterus and protect the outdoors, that exercise has many different benefits, and the benefits of exercise is to expand the uterus for pregnant women to facilitate childbirth, and therefore we will offer you 6 exercises that help open the uterus and protect the open for easy birth.

6 exercises help to open the uterus and protect the following: –

Before giving birth, women need to practice some exercises, so we have brought you 6 exercises that help to open the uterus and protect the following:

1- Deep breathing exercises:

  • This exercise is very easy, and is done by lying on the back and taking the same deep exhale slowly.
  • This exercise relieves the breathlessness of pregnant women.
  • Breathing can also be done quickly after breathing. It facilitates labor and facilitates normal labor.

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2 – walking exercise: –

  • Walking is one of the best exercises recommended by every pregnant woman, especially in the ninth month. This exercise is done by walking right or walking in a military way.

3 – Ascending Exercise Landing: –

  • Pregnant women climb up and get out of bed and sit in squatting for as long as possible.
  • Ascend again on the bed and sit in a squat position for two minutes, and repeat the exercise several times.
  • This exercise is practiced in the ninth month.

4 – exercise self-locking: –

This exercise, which facilitates the process of delivery and be through the imprisonment of the breath for ten seconds and gradually increase the training of the woman herself to lock the breath on the day of labor.

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5 – exercise squatting yoga exercise: –

Yoga exercises are the exercise by which you sit on the ground in the position of quadrature, and the eyes are completely blinded and relaxed during the work of this exercise, and repeat this exercise for ten minutes every day.

6 – Reverse exercise feet: –

Sit on the ground in a straight position with a reverse action of the feet, with the interlock of the hands, and tighten the shoulders in the chest and chin area and the situation is switched, while breathing slowly.

Exercises to open the uterus: –

There are many exercises to open the uterus that facilitate the natural birth of women as follows:

Rubber Ball Exercises: –

This exercise is done by placing a ball behind the back on a draft on the wall and is reclining on this ball, with the trunk opening and tilting down, and back again.

This exercise is performed for five minutes and repeated more than once a day, because this exercise helps to strengthen the back muscles and works to straighten the spine.

Exercise: –

If the head of the fetus is not close to the cervix, the woman can practice the exercise of love, which is like the child's love on the feet and hands.

Exercises squatting to open the uterus: –

The exercises squatting to open the uterus of the best exercises that help to open the uterus are as follows:

The squatting exercise is performed by standing correctly, pulling the two legs apart from each other, starting down through the pelvis, and rising again.

Repeat this exercise ten times.

Sessions that help to open the uterus: –

There are several sessions that help to open the uterus:

Taylor Session Exercise: –

The work of this exercise is followed by sitting in an interlaced position. The ground and the feet are also tangled from the ankle area, and the knees are pressed gently until the spacing is between them.

This exercise helps to open the pelvis that relaxes the muscles and ligaments. At the same time, this exercise helps relieve the pain in the lower back and facilitates the birth process.

Kegel Exercise: –

Kegel exercises help to tighten the muscles of the uterus. This exercise is performed by tightening the muscles between the opening of the vagina and the anus, by preventing urine from falling off when urinating for a few seconds, and repeating the exercise several times.

This exercise helps prevent the tear of the area between the opening of the vagina and the anus during delivery.

The importance of uterine opening exercises:

The importance of uterine opening exercises is as follows:

  • These exercises increase the flow of blood and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, and in the uterus.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the pelvis and increases its movement.
  • These exercises reduce the pain of natural childbirth.
  • Strengthens the back muscles, especially at the lower part.
  • These exercises strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.
  • These exercises help to sustain the size of the fetus and increase its weight.
  • The strongest exercises open the pelvic area of ​​the back, help to expand the cervix, thus reducing the pain of birth, with prevention of incontinence.

Things that help to open the uterus quickly: –

There are several things that help to open the uterus quickly, including:

Bathing with warm water:

Drinking warm water is the best thing that a woman does in the last days before giving birth, because warm water works to calm the nerves and get rid of tension.

Warm water helps to open the cervix, in addition to stimulating blood circulation in the woman's body.

Walking :-

It is recommended in the last period of the campaign to walk as much as possible to facilitate the birth of natural, because walking helps to open the uterus.

But you should be wary of exaggerating the amount of walking, because it may adversely affect women

Sexual intercourse:

In recent months, women are advised to have frequent intercourse because they help to open the uterus better.

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Thus, we have explained 6 exercises that help to open the uterus and protect the open as well as illustrated many exercises that women can choose what suits them from these exercises, please be happy.


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