5 types of drugs cause erectile dysfunction

5 types of drugs cause erectile dysfunction

Many men suffer from the problem of weakness or impotence, especially those who are over 40, so doctors warn of drugs that negatively affect sexual ability, which we review in the following lines:

1 – drugs to reduce blood pressure

According to experts, many men suffer from high blood pressure, due to their unhealthy lifestyle, and when the need to take medicines to reduce blood pressure, may affect the life of the patient sexual, because the side effects of those drugs, the weakening of sexual ability.

2 – sedatives and antidepressants

These drugs include antipsychotics that cause slow production of male hormones, and some simple types such as droplets or soothing solutions can affect sexual ability even after the treatment ends.

3- Hormonal therapy

Some hormonal treatments reduce the production of testosterone in the male body, leading to erectile dysfunction. For example, bodybuilders use steroid drugs to inflate muscles, but these preparations negatively affect sexual ability, so experts advise not to use them. .

4- Bromine

This chemical component is found in medicines and medical preparations for liver protection, anti-inflammatory drugs, heart disease drugs and immune system. Doctors believe that bromine inhibits sexual ability, but this has not yet been proven scientifically accurate.

5 – Medications of acidity and gastroesophageal reflux

Erectile dysfunction sometimes causes and is likely to cause impotence when used for long periods of time.

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