5 Tips for the professionalism of photoshop

It's hard to get to know Photoshop, because it takes months and months of experience and work, but in this post I liked to provide 5 ways that might help you master this program.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop
One of the things that makes it easy for you to learn and professionalism Photoshop from the ground up is to learn its shortcuts on the keyboard, and when learning the keyboard shortcuts instead of searching the list of the tool you want and you lose some time in search of them, you can simply press the keys And so you have won some time and facilitated the process, so I advise you if you want to professional Alfotoshob learning shortcuts, and the easiest way to learn is to print a picture of all the shortcuts Photoshop and paste in your room or on your computer and so every time you want and use a shortcut to look at Paper and its use

Find out what you are doing
When you say, for example, an explanation from YouTube, you do everything you do with scrutiny, but you asked yourself what you are doing, you are just imitating, and this will not make you progress completely. Yes, it is OK to take explanations from YouTube, but not Do any step but you know what it means and what its role in the design
Follow courses and courses of experts in this field
The best you can do as a beginner is to follow the recognized courses offered by recognized and veteran experts in this field. The error committed by the majority is to follow one course and learn some of the basics of Alfotoshob and then stop, this is a serious error in this way you will end up in the abyss, follow several courses and multiple courses and if you understand the basic Alfotoshob Go to what more, Develop your knowledge and talent, do not try to imitate the coach as I told you before, always try to be your own way
Do not rush to show your design
When you have absorbed the tools and assets you have provided previously, you will become a good designer and may create a blog to display your designs but you will make a serious mistake. When you work on a design that is not designed in public, try to be on your own and relax and start working. Take your work from 10 minutes to 2 hours according to your design and after finishing work Relax for at least 20 minutes, and then review your design repeatedly and to make sure that there is no error and so you can publish your design
Find out for yourself
In your free time try to search for tools or sites or programs that increase knowledge and knowledge of this program, or enter the program Alfotoshob itself and click on the tools for the first time you see, so you can develop your knowledge more Balfotoshob

Here I have finished these five tips I wish I had not been overlooked, with safety until we meet on a new topic, God willing

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